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Portfolio services management


We work on a case-by-case basis, structuring portfolios in line with our clients risk appetite and objectives, using the successful investment methodologies that have served Ashburton Investments for almost 40 years'.

We place a strong emphasis on building a close working relationship with advisors and clients to ensure that we can achieve a solution which best suits individuals’ goals and aspirations.

Our investment approach

Our investment philosophy, process as well as our governance framework are among our key strengths

The principle investment philosophy of Ashburton Investments is to provide investors with real returns over the long term, through a diversified investment strategy that seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. We integrate risk management into the fabric of our investment process.

Our portfolios follow a disciplined methodology in the selection of international equities, bonds, ETFs and third-party funds. Our investment managers harness the active management philosophy of Ashburton Investments to find the optimal solution for every client, enabling us to exploit opportunities as they arise.

Our solutions

We offer flexible portfolio management strategies to meet our clients’ needs that are available in USD, GBP and EUR.

As well as using ETFs and third-party funds, our portfolio solutions also use direct equity investment styles, including income, growth or blue-chip megacaps (as below).

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A minimum investment amount of US$400,000 or foreign currency equivalent is required.

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Our multi asset portfolios suit low, medium and high-risk appetites, and aim to provide medium to longer term capital growth.

Multi Asset Cautious portfolios


These portfolios focus on capital preservation and low volatility. These are a low to moderate risk-adjusted investment with a bias towards ETFs - that give a more diversified and efficient means of portfolio diversification.

Multi Asset Balanced portfolios

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These portfolios offer the potential to achieve medium to long-term capital growth through a balanced asset allocation across a range of asset classes, regions and currencies with a bias towards ETFs - that give a more diversified and efficient means of portfolio diversification.

Multi Asset Growth portfolios

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These portfolios aim to generate capital growth over the long term in excess of inflation via an ETF - for a more efficient way to diversify your portfolio.


Our equity portfolios are designed for investors wishing to participate in capital markets and may be most appropriate for those with a long-term investment horizon.

Global Leaders Equity portfolio

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Invest in high quality mega cap companies and household names, with the aim to achieve above average total returns.

*The Global Leaders Equity portfolio is also available in GBP.

Global Equity Growth portfolio

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This portfolio is designed for investors aiming to achieve above average capital appreciation from a diversified range of predominantly large cap companies.

Global Equity Income portfolio

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Invest in stable blue-chip companies with a Global Leaders Income portfolio, designed for investors that aim to achieve a high and rising income from a portfolio of equities. It is most appropriate for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

A minimum investment amount of US$400,000 or foreign currency equivalent is required.

Our clients receive monthly portfolio summary's, portfolio valuations, capital activity reports, income statements and profit and loss statements.

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Evyleen Bisson

Senior Relationship Manager

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