The portfolio is designed as a moderate risk strategy for clients who are prepared to accept some fluctuations in the value of their assets, balancing safety and capital growth from a diversified multi asset approach. This portfolio is also available in US dollars.

Why invest in this portfolio?

  • It provides a perfect balance between safety and the potential for capital growth
  • Bias to a broad range of exchange traded funds
  • Offers up to 65% global equity exposure. 

A minimum investment amount of US$400 000 (or currency equivalent) is required.

Portfolio Management Service brochure

Investment approach

We give focus to ‘quality’, compounding stocks which are characterised by their ability to generate sustainably growing excess cash returns over their equity’s cost of capital, part of which is expected to be returned to shareholders. Other quality characteristics include management and balance sheet features, as well as a relatively predictable earnings profile.

Long-term investment focus:

  • Ideally five years, with a minimum of three years.

Focus on attractive industries:

  • Sustainable barriers to entry and oligopolistic market structure
  • Structural growth, pricing power and/or
  • Consolidation opportunities

Regional and industry exposures subject to risk management given economic/industry cycle considerations.

How do I invest?

To invest in a portfolio, please complete the relevant documentation below and return via email to

Portfolio application forms:

The portfolio is not available in jurisdictions where local regulatory and legal requirements prohibit or restrict its availability. Persons accessing this document are required to inform themselves about and observe any relevant restrictions.