Our Capabilities and Solutions

We pride ourselves on being able to customise across our existing product range to meet each client’s specific needs.

Ashburton Investments is fully invested in the outcomes of our clients. Through providing access to diverse sources of return across both listed and unlisted asset classes, combined with our focus on risk and volatility management, we have committed to helping our clients achieve better results for themselves, and all those who depend on them.

Institutional Investors

For institutional investors, our wide-range of investment solutions include:

Private Market Solutions

  • Unlisted corporate credit opportunities – We deliver alpha by incorporating unlisted debt into traditional fixed income portfolios, liability driven solutions and stand-alone credit mandates.
  • Impact credit funds – Through these funds you can invest in commercially-viable, unlisted credit that also demonstrates positive social and environmental impact.
  • Private equity – Achieve long-term capital gains through a diversified portfolio of South African private equity assets with exposure to the rest of Africa.

Risk Managed Solutions

  • Liability driven investing – We have specialist capabilities in the management of interest rate and inflation hedging mandates.

Growth Solutions

  • We put our equity, property and single manager capabilities to work for you. 

Yield Enhancing Solutions

  • Money market – These vehicles provide a competitive interest rate, with regular income distributions, capital preservation and liquidity in the short term.
  • Fixed income – An alternative to cash or bank deposits over 12 to 36 months for clients wanting to take advantage of active management within the fixed interest universe.
  • Credit – Provides low-duration fixed-income exposure with less volatility than more aggressively mandated portfolios. The probability of a long-term capital loss is extremely low.
  • Bonds – Provides a high level of income and seeks to enhance investment returns by the active management of interest rate, credit and duration risk.
  • Multi asset – We focus on achieving an absolute return of CPI+3.5 and CPI+5 for our balanced funds. 

Passive Tracker Solutions

Our customised solutions can be designed to track an index, CIS, equity portfolio or hedge fund.

  • Exchange traded funds – Buying a JSE-listed ETF provides investors with exposure to the South African equities market.
  • Trackers – Providing exposure to international equities across developed and emerging markets.

Corporate Investors

Ashburton Investments offers investment solutions to help you better optimise returns for your business, without taking excessive risk. Money market and fixed income funds can generate good returns if you are looking for short term investments with low risk, stability and access to high liquidity.

Ashburton Money Market Fund

A conservative investment offering to consider if you’re looking for an alternative to bank deposits. It offers a competitive interest rate with regular income distributions, capital preservation and liquidity in the short term, and is suitable for corporate treasuries. It offers a same day return of funds if notification is received before 12 noon. Although the fund does not offer a capital guarantee, the portfolio is AA+(ZA)(f) rated by Global Credit Ratings (GCR).

Ashburton Stable Income Fund

A low risk investment offering to consider if you’re looking for income in excess of current accounts and money market funds, and to protect capital. It is an ideal fund for parking assets for the longer term (6 months+) and is also suitable for corporate treasuries. It has an official credit rating of AA(ZA)(f) from Global Credit Ratings (GCR) and has been managed without a single negative month by the same portfolio manager for over 10 years.

Cash and Liquidity Management

A range of services including managing cash portfolios for corporations, banks, foundations, insurance companies, pensions, endowments, and family offices.


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