Ashburton Global Equity Growth Fund

Quality, compounding stocks, generating sustainably growing excess cash returns

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Investment objectives and strategy

The Global Equity Growth Fund aims to achieve long term capital growth by investing in a diversified range of companies across the market capitalisation spectrum. Typically, companies invested in have the potential to grow at a double-digit growth rate supported by growing market dynamics or market share gains due to structural changes. 

Long-term investment focus:

  • Ideally five years, with a minimum of three years.
Focus on attractive industries:
  • Sustainable barriers to entry and oligopolistic market structure
  • Structural growth, pricing power and/or
  • Consolidation opportunities
Regional and industry exposures subject to risk management given economic/industry cycle considerations.

Investor profile

The fund is appropriate for investors tolerant of potentially large fluctuations in the value of the underlying assets.

Why the Ashburton Global Equity Growth fund?

Until now the strategy has only been available in portfolio form for over five years, during which it has provided returns ahead of both benchmark and peer group.

The Global Equity Growth Fund, is a SICAV fund domiciled in Luxembourg. It invests in quality companies that look set to deliver above market levels of earnings growth on sensible valuation multiples.

Investment perspectives

Watch fund managers Dr James Cooke and Kathy Davey talk about this product in detail.