Ashburton Stable Income Fund

Providing high capital stability and predictable income distributions

Objective and strategy

The Ashburton Stable Income Fund is an actively managed cash fund which is designed to deliver returns that are higher than that of a traditional money market unit trust fund. It differs from a money market fund for the reason that the investment manager is able to invest in income generating instruments with a longer maturity than that of a traditional money market fund. The investment objective of the fund is to maximise the current level of income within the restrictions set out in the investment policy, while providing high stability of capital. It aims to achieve performance returns in excess of money market yield and current account yields. 

Investor profile

Investors wanting to protect capital but require a higher level of income more than that of current accounts and money market funds. Also suitable for corporate treasuries.

Why the Ashburton Stable Income Fund?

  • It is rated annually and currently has a rating of AA-(za)(f) from Global Credit Ratings
  • It only utilises instruments which minimise interest rate risk and volatility
  • The probability of a long-term capital loss is extremely low
  • It is appropriate for both short term parking of capital and long-term conservative investing

Fund data

ISIN ZAE000127759 Sedol Bloomberg
Currency South African rand Risk rating Low Domicile South Africa
Launch date 01/01/2009 Fund size 24.9100 bn Dealing Daily
NAV 96.8980 cents Daily change 0.02% Price date 28/05/2024
Annualised performance since 2009: 3.1%

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