Multi Asset


Investors choose to be cautious so that through times of volatility they do not experience huge portfolio drops. While equities can be very volatile in the short-term, as an asset class they have historically produced the highest returns over the long term. The Ashburton Targeted Return Fund is well-suited to conservative investors who now want to renew their equity exposure.

Multi Asset Funds

The Ashburton Targeted Return Fund is a multi asset - low equity fund, which is run as a low risk offering that is suitable for investors with an income as well as capital appreciation requirement, with a focus on mitigating drawdown risk. The fund invests in an active combination of all local and global asset classes and the portfolio managers source returns from both asset allocation and instrument selection where appropriate. The fund was restructured at the end of last year with a new portfolio management team and the past year’s solid track record is the result of this new approach. The fund is intended as a longer-term product with an ideal term of 24 months or longer. The fund benchmark is inflation + 3.5% or more. Read more here.