Fixed Income


Ashburton Investments has a highly experienced fixed income team dedicated to managing fixed income funds that will keep your money working for you – whether you’re looking to outpace inflation or generate income. Our ability to access and manage a broad spectrum of fixed income assets enables us to offer investors products that are suited to any unique situation.

Fixed Income Funds

We provide access to a broad range of traditional and alternative fixed income options. These include government and corporate bonds, credit along the entire risk spectrum, an experienced inflation and structuring desk, backed by a robust investment process, operated with strong institutional backing.

Ashburton Money Market Fund For investors requiring a competitive interest rate. 
Ashburton Stable Income Fund For investors wanting a low risk investment, income in excess of current accounts and money market funds, and to preserve capital.
Ashburton SA Income Fund For investors looking for higher level of income in excess of that of current accounts and money market funds.
Ashburton Diversified Income Fund For investors wanting to maximise total return over the interest rate cycle. 
Ashburton Bond Fund For investors seeking managed exposure to South African bond market.


Read our brochure with additional information on our fixed income offering.