Bespoke investment solutions for institutions

Investment philosophy

Private markets

Private equity

Long term capital gains through a diversified portfolio of South African private equity assets with some exposure to the rest of Africa.  

Infrastructure debt 

Investing in a diversified renewable energy portfolio of projects across different technologies including solar photovoltaic (PV), onshore wind, concentrated solar power (CSP), hydro and biomass

Unlisted credit opportunities 

Delivering alpha through the incorporation of unlisted debt into traditional fixed income portfolios, our liability driven solutions and stand-alone credit mandates

Impact funds

Investing in commercially-viable, unlisted credit that also demonstrates positive social and environmental impact

Risk managed

Liability driven investing (LDI)

We have specialist capabilities in the management of interest rate and inflation hedging mandates

Multi asset

  • Absolute return CPI+3.5
  • Balanced CPI+5 

Solutions (previously Global Markets Fund Solutions)

Boutique solutions: Single and multiple asset, dynamic yield and liquidity enhancement Customised solutions: Solutions can be designed to track an index, CIS, equity portfolio or hedge fund; include a capital guarantee (depending on the assets being tracked); and offer gearing of your exposure to the underlying asset.


  • Equity
  • Property
  • Single and multi manager

Emerging markets

Focusing on India and China

Rand hedge

Multi asset

Delivering consistent inflation-beating returns gives you access to a range of specialist funds and investment opportunities in global markets

Global leaders

Investing in equities benefitting from sustainably growing dividend yield and cash return profiles over time which in turn are supported by relatively predictable earnings and solid balance sheets

Specialist emerging market funds

  • India and China

Yield enhancers

Money market

Providing a competitive interest rate, with regular income distributions,
capital preservation and liquidity in the short term


An alternative to cash or bank deposits over 12 to 36 months and wanting to take advantage of active management within the fixed interest universe


Providing a high level of income and seek to enhance investment returns by the active management of interest rate, credit and duration risk


Providing only low duration fixed income exposure resulting in far less volatility than more aggressively mandated portfolios and in turn the probability of a long-term capital loss is extremely low

Passive trackers

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Providing investors with exposure to the South African equities market through the purchase of a JSE listed ETF.


Providing exposure to international equities across developed and emerging markets