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Davos: Baby Boomers rule. Not ok. 22 January 2020 Arno Lawrenz

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 as United States (US) President represented the 4th consecutive baby boomer generation occupying the White House.

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Ashburton Investments’ discussion on what to expect in 2020 13 December 2019 Ashburton Investments

A year ago, markets were awash with pessimism, and after the US Federal Reserve hiked rates for the 9th time with the prospect of more to come, December ended up experiencing the worst equity market performance in over 50 years.

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Monetary easing from most central banks also offered some support to the markets. 07 November 2019 Nico Els

The month of October was good for most asset classes as expectations rose that the United States (US) and China were closer to signing a trade deal. Monetary easing from most central banks also offered some support to the markets.

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Bond market fears excessive – but investors must be vigilant 04 November 2019 Arno Lawrenz

There are numerous current threats facing financial markets – such as an earnings or manufacturing slowdown, geopolitical tensions, the rise of populism and volatile political leaders. However, absent a sudden shock, we do not anticipate de-flation and or a recession in the near future.

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Stakeholder activism: A change in the tide 01 November 2019 Alessandro Scalco

Stakeholder activism has traditionally been associated with equity investment, but with investors (and asset managers) seeking ways to protect against the downside risk of the listed equity markets and to access diverse return sources, the use of alternative asset classes has become more attractive.

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Bond market reaction to medium-term budget policy statement 31 October 2019 Albert Botha

The combination of the lower inflation rate at 4.1% year-on-year and the negative market reaction to a somewhat disappointing budget has driven the real yield on the SA 10-year bond to over 5%.