Ashburton Dynamic Equity QI Hedge Fund

Harnessing alternative investment opportunities

What is the fund objective?

The Ashburton Dynamic Equity Hedge Fund (the “Fund”) is an equity long/short fund employing multiple equity based strategies. The Fund invests primarily in the South African listed equity and derivatives markets, and aims to preserve capital while generating consistent real returns of STeFI plus 5% per annum measured over a rolling 36 month period. These returns are typically uncorrelated with traditional asset classes thereby, diversifying an investor’s risk exposure within the market.

Why invest in in this fund?

Experienced trading team: The Fund is managed by a team of experienced alternative investment managers who offer a unique combination of complementary skills. This dynamic team of traders previously formed part of the equities proprietary trading desk at Rand Merchant Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited.

Access to more: The Fund is backed by the knowledge, research, expertise and information available from within the wider FirstRand Group. Investors benefit from access to more sources of return and a wider spectrum of expertise that are brought to bear in the management of the Fund.

Responsive to market conditions: The Fund is managed using a dynamic equity multi-strategy approach with the investment team able to shift gears and navigate turbulence in unpredictable financial markets. Underlying strategies are weighted dynamically according to market conditions, target capital preservation, and with the aim of mitigating risk.

Access to an equity-based alternative investment product uncorrelated to traditional funds: The Fund has a low correlation to traditional long-only equity funds, which can be used by investors to diversify their traditional investment portfolios.

The focus of the Fund is on building a fundamental core portfolio and applying multiple strategies around the core in order to weather market turbulence and earn consistent positive returns.

How do I invest?

You will also need to review the relevant Fund literature which can be found here.

If you are unsure if this Fund is appropriate for you needs, speak to your financial advisor. Alternatively, if you do not require advice you can invest now.