Insights Update

There was a time - probably quite a long while back for some us in the office, judging by the grey hairs– when you were crawling around, bumping into things, putting your hand onto hot stove plates, eating some mould-encrusted piece of bread from the floor, that even the dog had ignored, and other life-changing adventures. This, dear reader, was your upbringing, all intended to serve to shape you into the person you are today.

These experiences in life force actions and reactions, leaving in their place deep memory-furrows ploughed into our minds. These become the places that we return to when we are faced with new situations, as our brains seek to make sense of the unknown. Eventually those memories, as most of us ‘oldies’ discover become fossils – become a key to a life lived long time ago, but which can never be lived again. Weep not, dear oldies, for that collection of fossils becomes your wisdom. Weep not dear millennials, ignorance is bliss, and you at least still have that innocence of youth!

Time marches relentlessly on, fashions and tastes change, and the cliché of “the only constant is change” comes to mind. So, how then do we reconcile a life of constant change with seeking comfort in our past life experiences? It is because we seek to find meaning. 

And this is what we do in our daily work, investing on your behalf and being fully invested in ensuring your tailored needs are met. We look at the changes engulfing the world, and yes, we feel the fear of investing in new areas, not knowing the outcome, or even investing in old areas, fearing irrelevance. And through all the sifting of data, trends and opinions, we seek the patterns, we trust in our experience and seek meaning. That meaning is what we try to distill within the funds we manage. Allow us to be your trusted partner in your investments as we continually analyse current trends and events that influence the way we are managing your funds.