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Flexible fixed income funds look attractive 24 June 2020 Albert Botha

In a falling interest rate environment flexible income funds are expected to provide investors with good returns over inflation compared to cash or money market funds over the next 12 to 24 months.

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Fears of inflation not yet a reality 22 June 2020 Arno Lawrenz

Central banks around the world are pumping money into their respective economies, sparking fears of soaring future inflation rates, but these fears are unfounded for now.

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Equities in a ‘sweet spot’, but keep an eye on valuations 12 June 2020 Arno Lawrenz

Global equities are to remain in a ‘sweet spot’ for the next six to twelve months at least as masses of central bank liquidity and a lack of a compelling investment case for other asset classes are likely to underpin stocks.

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Avoiding demand destruction and investing in Global Leaders Equity Fund 21 May 2020 James Cooke

The use of the word unprecedented in describing the current global situation is, well, unprecedented.

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Banks to cut dividends but look ‘extremely attractive’ on 5 year view 19 May 2020 Patrice Rassou

South Africa’s banking stocks are at risk of cutting dividends but remain an attractive investment proposition on a five year view.

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Default… What now? 18 May 2020 Corneleo Keevy

Following the announcement by the Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa (Land Bank) on 24 April 2020, that an event of default (EoD) occurred on its notes, there has been rising concern from investors around such events occurring on the debt obligations of other issuers in the market.