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The effect of COVID-19 on South African markets 24 March 2020 Corneleo Keevy

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of a national state of disaster on 15 March 2020 to deal with the continuing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in South Africa, there has been little respite for domestic financial markets.

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Ashburton Investments’ global fund manager identifies gems in the rubble 17 March 2020 Ashburton Investments

One of Ashburton Investments’ global fund managers has identified four stocks that have been aggressively sold-off in the recent market rout but are now offering attractive valuations for long term investors.

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Using indexation building blocks in a multi asset solution 09 March 2020 Ben Meyer

The Ashburton Dynamic Series differs from competitors in that it combines indexation building blocks with alternative assets such as hedge funds and credit products. Ben Meyer, Index Solutions Specialist, explains how this achieves a portfolio with meaningful risk adjusted returns at a cost lower than a traditional actively managed portfolio and comparable to index only portfolios.

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What does quality mean to us 03 March 2020 James Cooke

Dr James Cooke, Head of Global Equity Research, explains our investment philosophy, why Ashburton Investments continually looks to invest in good quality companies and what “quality” actually means to us.

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Monthly investment update 02 March 2020 Nico Els

After making steady gains in the first two weeks of the month, global equity markets sold off towards the end of the month as investors measured the impact of numerous instances of the coronavirus in South Korea, Italy and Iran.

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Why consider a diversified income fund? 27 February 2020 Albert Botha

You should consider diversified income funds if you are looking for a general investment that doesn't overly and over expose you to equity risk. Learn why here.