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Goal Based Investing – A new standard in portfolio management 27 May 2019 Mohamed Ismail and Kgothatso Nyabela

Behavioural finance is very clear about investor biases and the suboptimal financial outcomes that result. At least three methods exist to help mitigate behavioural biases when investing: education, investment process and goal-based investing.

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Clicks – if the price was right 15 May 2019 Kathy Davey

South African listed retailers have been going through a difficult period of late. Not only have the retailers been faced with extremely tough economic conditions, but many retailers have also meaningfully slowed down their space expansion (especially within urban areas), which has been a significant driver of growth in the past.

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Outcome and views of the 2019 national elections 14 May 2019 Ashburton Investments

The 6th National Elections since democracy in 1994 were held on 8 May 2019 and the outcome of the vote is crucial for the road ahead with regards to the South African economy and asset prices. We include a podcast from Ashburton Investments on how we interpret the outcome of the elections as well as the effect this should have on our markets.

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Fixed Income Insights 06 May 2019 Michael Grobler

The first quarter of 2019 was a smash hit for bulls. Capitulating central banks, record United States corporate share buybacks flushing the system with artificial liquidity and numerous bouts of monetary and fiscal stimulus from Chinese policymakers have lifted confidence of averting a Chinese hard landing scenario given China’s internal deleveraging and...

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Ten years since the market lows 13 March 2019 Mark Appleton

It’s been 10 years since global equity markets hit their lows on the back of the Global Financial Crisis.

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Looking for ‘quality shares’ a good solution for very nervous South African investors 13 March 2019 Jason Forssman

Trade wars, slowing global growth, power failures, nervousness ahead of elections, possible fur-ther rating downgrades and some spectacular price collapses in Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) market darlings have led...