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Changes to the Ashburton Global 1200 Equity ETF makes for even more compelling investment case 25 September 2020 Ben Meyer

The recent restructure of the Ashburton Global 1200 Equity ETF, which has resulted in a substantially lowered Total Expense Ratio (TER), has made its investment case even more compelling. The TER will reduce from 0.65% to 0.48%, making for better performance in the long term as investors get to keep more of their returns.

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Fixed Income insights 17 September 2020 Michael Grobler

The local fixed income market has had a tumultuous year as investors strive to navigate between emergency monetary policy accommodation by the SARB and worsening fiscal risks from higher issuance along with collapsing growth adversely impacting on the back end of the yield curve.

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Overview of the best investment opportunities to pursue in the current environment 09 September 2020 Albert Botha

In a world of zero-bound interest rates, South African bonds offer attractive returns compared to both developed markets and emerging market peers.

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Press Reset 24 August 2020 Patrice Rassou

At the end of this year, South Africa’s economy will likely experience shrinkage fivefold that experienced a decade ago during the Global Financial Crisis.

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Global recovery likely to be ‘swoosh’ shaped, but for some industries damage may be lasting 24 August 2020 Nico Els

The great lockdown recession of 2020 has set so many unprecedented records (first bad then good) that people will have case studies for years to come.

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Are markets corona proof? 15 July 2020 Patrice Rassou

Global equities rallied close to 40% from March lows to post one of the strongest quarters in a decade. The rally was led by the United States (US), perversely the country with the most Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases globally, with healthcare and tech stocks up a combined 23%.