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Global multi asset update 21 August 2019 Arno Lawrenz

According to Arno Lawrenz, Global Investment Strategist at Ashburton Investments, the US China trade war is symptomatic of the shift in economic power towards the East and the desire of the US to reclaim (or retain) its global hegemony.

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Future cars and the potential impact on short-term insurance companies 16 August 2019 Magdel Neale

The experts also agree that no one player will dominate the space – it will be several players that will play in the space. The total addressable market of all passenger vehicle and public transport trips according to Uber was $5.7 trillion in 175 countries – which is massive.

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Central banks either cutting interest rates or being expected to cut rates 16 August 2019 Nico Els

Global equity markets held on to their strong gains from the previous month, with most global equity markets up by between 1% and 3%. The main theme for the month was central banks either cutting interest rates or being expected to cut rates.

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Credit Insights - Demand continues to outpace supply 12 August 2019 Corneleo Keevy

The second quarter of 2019 was characterised by strong issuance volumes during April (R17.8 billion) and June (R20.5 billion), with issuance during May (R12.5 billion) being impacted by the lead up to the general elections.

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The COFI legislation to include alternative investments 17 July 2019 Alessandro Scalco and Rowaine Naidoo

The Conduct of Financial Institutions Bill (“COFI”), which is expected to be tabled in Parliament this year, is said to represent the next phase of legislation aimed at remodelling the financial sector framework toward a Twin Peaks model.

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Global stocks: when bad is good 17 July 2019 Mark Appleton

Why do risky assets, like stocks, sometimes respond positively to bad economic news? It feels intuitively wrong. After all, any indications that the global economy is slowing suggests that the pace of earnings growth will ultimately start slowing too.