May update

Please note, with one month until the end of the competition, this shall be our last update until after 30th June. The Race Is On and it is exciting to see how the competition is shaping up. The top three teams are all very close, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the end. It was a mixed month in May for financial markets. Whilst it wasn’t a great month for equities broadly, there were some notable exceptions such as tech stocks. Here are some highlights: - Competition between the top three teams is tight with only a 4% difference between them - The 5 Musketeers are still in the lead, but the Anglo Portuguese Alliance and MOTA are hot on their heels! - Nvidia is the best performing stock this year, +152% (in GBP terms) and is held by the Anglo Portuguese Alliance - Best performing stock in May was E-Therapeutics, +45.55%, held by JCG’s MOTA - Victoria College’ BSG Investments had a great month, +11.40% - Highlands College remains the best performing School this year, with an average performance of 19.81% across their portfolios We hope you enjoyed this month’s update and look forward to the next update after 30th June when we shall reveal the final standings.


Position Team School Current Market Value YTD TR (%)
1 The 5 Muskateers Beaulieu Convent School £135,302.49 35.30%
2 BSG Investments Victoria College £133,045.39 33.05%
3 Anglo-Portuguese Alliance Highlands College £131,302.63 31.30%
4 Quadrettes Highlands College £119,580.27 19.58%
5 The Wharf of Wall Street Victoria College £118,292.83 18.29%
6 DB5 De La Salle College £116,409.21 16.41%
7 Millsy Monopoly Hautlieu School £116,317.16 16.32%
8 DLS Geckos De La Salle College £115,357.29 15.36%
9 Girl Power Highlands College £113,167.26 13.17%
10 Beaulieu A's Beaulieu Convent School £113,154.46 13.15%

Starting Value as at 31/12/2022: £100,000

Position School Average Market Value Average % YTD Perf.
1 Highlands College £119,805.45 19.81%
2 De La Salle College £111,338.69 11.34%
3 Victoria College £110,892.43 10.89%
4 Beaulieu Convent School £110,383.75 10.38%
5 Hautlieu School £105,998.19 6.00%
6 Jersey College For Girls £101,806.28 1.81%

Source: Ashburton Investments/Bloomberg

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It’s safe to say there has been a lot of uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets in 2022. Coming off the longest recorded bull run in history, we have seen a worldwide pandemic, rising inflation, conflict, central bank policy tightening, shrinking market liquidity, slower economic growth and geopolitical risks.

The Ashburton Investments Jersey Schools' Investment Challenge, is a powerful way of engaging students with the finance sector, enabling them to relate it to everyday life. Students will get to experience on how economies work and grasp the basics of investment.


There is a fantastic trophy for the winning school, Amazon vouchers and a charity contribution.


  • Open to Jersey Sixth Form students only
  • Each school enters up to five teams, with each team selecting five stocks
  • Each holding is equally weighted at the start of the competition The starting portfolio value is £100 000
  • The competition runs from January to the end of June 2023
  • The returns will be calculated in GBP terms
  • No changes are permitted during the duration of the competition*
  • The competition will start on the first trading day in January
  • The winning team will be the one whose portfolio is worth the most as at the market close on 30th June 2023 with the winners announced shortly afterwards
  • Ashburton Investments will update the results weekly and monthly via social media, Ashburton's website and the local Jersey newspaper.
  • The competition will start on the first trading day in January

* in the case of a takeover of a company, if the deal is closed at any point during the duration of the competition, the relevant team will be allowed to make a new stock pick