Objective and strategy

The Ashburton Money Market Fund seeks to maximise interest income, preserve capital and provide immediate liquidity for investors. It invests in a diversified portfolio of money market instruments. The maximum term of instruments included is limited to 13 months and the weighted average duration does not exceed three months. The only risk from this fund is reinvestment risk if interest rates fall, inflation risk as well as credit risk.

Investor profile

The fund is suitable for investors needing a competitive interest rate, with regular income distributions, capital preservation and liquidity in the short term. Also suitable for corporate treasuries.

Why the Ashburton Money Market Fund?

  • The fund is rated annually and currently has a rating of AA+(f) (za) from Global Credit Ratings
  • Stricter Pension Fund Regulation 28 limits are applied to this fund and exposure to any single bank is limited to 25%
  • The fund is managed as a corporate money market fund with no corporate credit exposure
  • Our most conservative investment offering
  • Daily liquidity