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Global Equity Growth Portfolio: April 2024

Economists often use all available time or word count to explain the past, then offer a balanced view of the future. Ideally, investors would focus more on their long-term forecasts, valuations, and views, largely ignoring the near term. However, the average holding periods of equities have fallen dramatically over the last fifty years, from approximately five years in the 1970s to just a few months now. This trend makes it challenging to argue that many investors act in the long term. A shorter-term focus means that macro commentary can result in whipsawing markets. Understanding this requires an appreciation of how “Mr Market” thinks. In April, global equity markets declined due to fears that persistent inflation might lead to central bank interest rate increases, which, all else being equal, tend to be negative for equity prices.

The FTSE All World Index (USD) declined 3.1% during the month. The Ashburton Global Equity Growth Model Portfolio (USD) declined 2.6%. The portfolio’s best-performing stocks during the month were Sea (17.7%), Tencent (14.3%) and AstraZeneca (11.9%).

Sea, the Southeast Asian e-commerce, gaming and financial services provider, experienced higher margins in e-commerce and a jump in gaming revenues. Tencent also benefited from a seemingly more relaxed approach to gaming in China. We debate internally whether we are at an end of haphazard regulatory intervention in the nation, which given depressed earnings multiples and along with more positive economic data and favourable monetary policy could result in a more meaningful rally in Chinese equity prices generally. AstraZeneca released results ahead of expectations and enjoyed several late-stage clinical trial successes. The company remains reasonably valued based on the low-risk anticipated growth, largely due to the increasing use of their oncology medicines in adjacent cancers and at earlier stages of diagnosis.

On the negative side, the worst performing holdings were Wise (17.2%), Match (15.1%) and Align Technology (13.9%), who all posted declines. Wise reported a revenue increase of 24% which disappointed some overly optimistic forecasts. We remain excited about the prospect of material revenues from the recently announced SWIFT partnership. The Match share price declined after a more buoyant April due to the involvement of activist investor Elliot. Results are due in early May with expectations of slower user growth but higher average spending. Align Technology’s positive earnings release and increase in guidance proved positive on the day of announcement for the firm’s share price, but over the month this still declined perhaps with investors fearing a reduction in discretionary spending.

The path of monetary policy will continue to control the direction of markets; however it is likely that “Mr Market” will begin soon to look ahead to repercussions of the US elections. At present the outcome looks finely balanced. Taking a longer-term growth perspective and being valuation centred helps to navigate choppy waters ahead.

Longer-term views on underlying economic prospects generally look more positive. The International Monetary Fund assesses the global economy as having been more resilient than expected, with less permanent loss to economic prospects due to the pandemic. They continue to predict a gradual economic recovery and further disinflation, while highlighting the risk that an escalation of trade wars could have on prospects for all.


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