• India Fixed Income Opportunities Fund - April 2019

    Nilesh Jain

    European Central Bank slashing its economic growth forecast and increasing optimism over US-China trade negotiations.

  • Multi Asset Funds - April 2019

    Arno Lawrenz

    Equity markets continued to perform well for March and the MSCI All Countries Index rose 11.6% for the quarter.

  • Africa Equity Opportunities Fund - April 2019

    Paul Clark

    African equity markets are starting to gain after recent lows.

  • Chindia Equity Fund - April 2019

    Craig Farley

    Chinese equities continue to rally while Indian real gross capital formation rose YoY

  • India Fixed Income Opportunities Fund - March 2019

    Nilesh Jain

    Markets were concerned in February about the government taking populist steps prior to the general election in May.

  • Africa Equity Opportunities Fund - March 2019

    Paul Clark

    African markets continued their rally in aggregate over February. The regional West African market (BRVM) performed strongly and was a large contributor to index gains.

  • Chindia Equity Fund - March 2019

    Craig Farley

    Government influence was prominent in both China and India this month, with fiscal deterioration at Indian government level capping investor enthusiasm for equities, and the ongoing US-China trade tariff negotiations moving closer to pricing in a pact by the end of March.

  • Multi Asset Funds - March 2019

    Arno Lawrenz

    January’s equity market recovery continued into February, albeit at a slower pace, as markets focused on a receding probability of US recession and a significantly more dovish Federal Reserve.

  • Global Energy Fund - March 2019

    Richard Robinson

    February saw oil prices continue their rebound as the Fund finished the month almost 14% up YTD, its strongest start to a year since inception.

  • Multi Asset Funds - February 2019

    Arno Lawrenz

    Equity markets experienced much welcomed relief rallies during January, having recovered from the shock of December.