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India's state election results 12 December 2018 Ashburton Investments

India turns its attention to the results of the state elections, seen as a litmus test for the popularity of Prime Minister Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as we head towards the general election scheduled for the first half of 2019.

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What’s eating emerging markets? 23 August 2018 Craig Farley

With recent economic and political events buffeting equity markets in the Asia and emerging market (EM) space, Simon Finch and Craig Farley flag some of the key issues that investors may be grappling with and how these affect the positioning of the Chindia Equity Fund.

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Allen keys at the ready; Urbanites welcome India’s first Ikea 08 August 2018 Simon Finch

The instantly recognisable blue box with yellow signage that dominates Hyderabad’s IT hub landscape is finally to open, marking Ikea’s first store opening in a country of more than 1.3 billion people.

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Rumours of Diesel’s death are greatly exaggerated 08 August 2018 Richard Robinson

The demise of diesel has been well documented over recent years, as global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions continue to power the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Looking beyond emerging market jitters 05 July 2018 Craig Farley

As we approach the July 6 deadline for the US to impose further tariffs on Chinese imports, Simon and Craig look back over the last few months' volatility within emerging markets and why they believe that China and India offer investors an attractive opportunity.

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India - growth revival more certain 08 June 2018 Jonathan Schiessl

This week saw India’s Central Bank hike interest rates for the first time in four years; a move that caught most (but not all) economists by surprise.