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Avoiding demand destruction and investing in Global Leaders Fund Portfolios 21 May 2020 James Cooke

The use of the word unprecedented in describing the current global situation is, well, unprecedented.

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Global equities update 15 May 2020 James Cooke

Dr James Cooke (CFA), manager of the Global Leaders Equity Fund provides a market update on global equities. The discussion covers the economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis and how this affects companies, equity prices and fund positioning. The fund has top quartile performance over one, three and five years.

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Why it's a good time to be investing in quality companies 24 April 2020 Kathy Davey

The benefits of investing in actively managed equity funds with a quality bias have recently become more obvious as the current bear market has revealed...

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How our equity funds and portfolios can protect your wealth in tough times 07 April 2020 Ashburton Investments

Recession-proof your investments with our equity fund and portfolios, positioned to offer a more defensive approach that may help minimise loss during a potential recession, as market volatility continues due to the coronavirus.

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Ashburton Investments’ views on the markets amid COVID-19 concerns 19 March 2020 Ashburton Investments

The decline in equity prices since February has been the fastest we have seen in a generation. We have an unfolding global pandemic, alongside a major plunge in the oil price on fears of a potential oil war.

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Bond market fears excessive – but investors must be vigilant 04 November 2019 Arno Lawrenz

There are numerous current threats facing financial markets – such as an earnings or manufacturing slowdown, geopolitical tensions, the rise of populism and volatile political leaders. However, absent a sudden shock, we do not anticipate de-flation and or a recession in the near future.