• Multi Asset Funds: July 2020

    Arno Lawrenz

    The Ashburton Global Multi-Asset Fund range delivered a positive performance during the second quarter, with the Global Growth Fund rising 2.4%, the Global Defensive Fund up 1.4% and the Sterling Asset Management Fund delivering 1.3%.

  • Chindia Equity Fund: July 2020

    Ashburton Investments

    The Ashburton Chindia Fund (I class US$) rose 7.3% during the month of June which was in line with the Emerging Market (EM) Index.

  • Multi Asset Funds - June 2020

    Arno Lawrenz

    In line with the continued positive move in equity markets, the multi-asset funds delivered another positive month.

  • Chindia Equity Fund: June 2020

    Ashburton Investments

    May saw the fund decline 2% compared with the MSCI Emerging Market Index’s return of 0.8%, the Indian index decline of 2.5% and the Chinese index decline of 0.5%.

  • Chindia Equity Fund: May 2020

    Ashburton Investments

    Chinese and Indian equity markets bounced back in April, after notable sell-offs in March, with India performing particularly strongly. There was no trading activity during the month and no notable disappointments.

  • Multi Asset Funds - May 2020

    Arno Lawrenz

    Global equity markets were buoyed by optimism that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic was over, as the rate of new cases of infection declined in most countries. The notable exception was in the USA where total cumulative cases passed the one million mark.

  • India Fixed Income Opportunities Fund: April 2020

    Nilesh Jain

    COVID-19 wreaks havoc across global economies and India is no exception despite strong governmental measures during a 21-day pan-India lockdown, and a well-timed round of fiscal and monetary stimulus.

  • Chindia Equity Fund: April 2020

    Ashburton Investments

    The actions by governments to reduce the humanitarian impact of the very rapid spread of Coronavirus is leading to a huge, though likely temporary, reduction in economic activity.

  • Multi Asset Funds - April 2020

    Arno Lawrenz

    The United States (US) feels the pain, as initial jobless claims first hits 3.3 million and then doubles to 6.6 million by end of March, indicating as the extent of the economic slowdown begins to show

  • Multi Asset Funds - March 2020

    Arno Lawrenz

    The Coronavirus contagion into real economic activity points to dramatic slowdown and global equity markets subsequently decline dramatically with FTSE All World Index down 8.2% in February