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These stocks are very well placed to benefit from post COVID-19 secular trends 20 November 2020 James Cooke

We have identified three major secular trends catalysed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - and have invested in the stocks that are expect to most benefit in the Ashburton Global Leaders Equity Fund. The fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of the world’s most prominent mega-cap companies.

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Confidence in fragile times 12 November 2020 James Cooke

Although there is still some way to go to reverse the COVID-19 lockdown induced economic damage, we continue to forecast economic improvement from the currently depressed levels

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US Elections: The forbidden world of Donald Trump 10 November 2020 Patrice Rassou

The United States (US) elections have become a prism though which we can view the world we live in. One where alternative realities can coexist and consensus seeking is becoming increasingly difficult. In that world, experts get humbled by the novice, where popular sentiment overwhelms rational logic and where the rules get rewritten and reinterpreted on a daily basis.

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Avoiding demand destruction and investing in Global Leaders Fund Portfolios 21 May 2020 James Cooke

The use of the word unprecedented in describing the current global situation is, well, unprecedented.

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Global equities update 15 May 2020 James Cooke

Dr James Cooke (CFA), manager of the Global Leaders Equity Fund provides a market update on global equities. The discussion covers the economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis and how this affects companies, equity prices and fund positioning. The fund has top quartile performance over one, three and five years.

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Why it's a good time to be investing in quality companies 24 April 2020 Kathy Davey

The benefits of investing in actively managed equity funds with a quality bias have recently become more obvious as the current bear market has revealed...