Many of our clients are looking for lower cost investment strategies that can deliver optimised outcomes. When constructing an investor’s portfolio, the debate should not be an active versus passive one but rather how one can combine active and passive to generate optimised client outcomes. Index investing involves making active decisions; it is in fact anything but passive. 

We are a boutique indexation business housed within one of the largest integrated financial services companies in Africa, able to attract the best investment professionals, with access to the latest technology, and the extensive range of investment capabilities and services that the group has to offer.

Our team has depth of experience and a long-standing track record. We also work alongside the Quantitative Solutions team to provide research, quantitative data analysis, and product design to ensure our solutions and funds are best of breed in the market.

The indexation business comprises three product lines:

  • Traditional index tracking
    We offer index-tracking solutions with market exposure ranging across traditional market cap, fixed income, global equities and global bonds.
  • Multi asset solutions
    We offer multi asset portfolio solutions.
  • Customisation
    We collaborate with clients and customise our solutions according to their needs.