Ashburton Stable Income Fund rating upgraded

Ashburton Stable Income Fund rating upgraded

We are pleased to inform you that the Ashburton Stable Income Fund has been rated by Global Credit Ratings (GCR) and has been awarded a national scale fund rating* of AA(ZA)(f). This is an upgrade of the previous rating of AA-(ZA)(f).

The rationale for the upgrade is underpinned by a sustained improving trend in the portfolio’s weighted average credit quality (‘WACQ’) over the last three years. 

About the fund 

The Ashburton Stable Income Fund is an actively managed income fund which is designed to deliver returns that are higher than traditional money market unit trust funds. This fund differs from a money market fund due to the fact that the investment manager is able to invest in income generating instruments with a longer maturity than that of a traditional money market fund.

The fund has low duration fixed income exposures resulting in far less volatility than more aggressively mandated portfolios and in turn, the probability of a long-term capital loss is extremely low.

Floating Rate Notes

The fund’s size as of 30 April 2022 was R18.73 billion.

Ashburton Stable Income Fund is ideal for investors wanting to protect capital but requiring a higher level of income in excess of current accounts and money market funds. To find out more about how the Ashburton Stable Income Fund can assist you with your requirements, please speak to your Ashburton Investments business development manager.

* Fund ratings provide an opinion regarding the fund’s ability to preserve principal value under varying market conditions, with reference to the relevant asset management environment (refer to published rating scales and definitions on the GCR website).