Money market

Suitable for investors requiring a competitive interest rate, with regular income distributions, capital preservation and liquidity in the short term.The aim is to maximise interest income, preserve capital and provide immediate liquidity for investors. We invest in a diversified portfolio of money market instruments. The maximum term of instruments included are limited to 13 months and the weighted average duration should  not exceed three months.


Suitable for investors who are looking for an alternative to cash or bank deposits over 12 to 36 months and wanting to take advantage of active management within the fixed interest universe.

The  aim is to provide relative capital stability, optimal income returns from interest earning securities and enhance returns through a combination of diversified fixed income strategies.  It comprises of a combination of bonds, fixed deposits and other interest earning securities which have a fixed maturity date and either have a predetermined cash flow profile or are linked to benchmark yields. It does not invest in equity securities, real estate securities or cumulative preference shares.


The investment objective is to provide investors with a well-diversified exposure to the South African bond market. It provides a high level of income and seeks to enhance investment returns by the active management of interest rate, credit and duration risk.

Bonds typically have a higher risk of capital loss than money market or cash investments, and the investor must ideally look at a period of longer than three years.  We seek to outperform the All Bond Index over a rolling 36-month period by  investing in high-yielding, interest bearing securities including public, parastatal, municipal and corporate bonds, inflation linked bonds, loan stock, debentures, fixed deposits and money market instruments.

There is flexibility to invest across the duration, credit and yield spectrum. Risks include political, economic, interest rate risk, default risk, as well as general market risk which could lead to an increase in bond yields and credit risk.


Aligned to investors who require a real return on their capital over time, and suited to investors with a moderate risk profile, an investment horizon of greater than three years and a retirement and/or savings objective.

The objective is to generate long term, inflation-beating returns over a 36-month period. It invests across a wide range of domestic and international asset classes which include equities, bonds, property shares and money market instruments. We maintain a maximum equity exposure of 75%, limited to a maximum offshore exposure of 30%. It is actively managed with exposure to various asset classes varied to reflect changing economic and market circumstances and maximise returns for investors.


Our credit capabilities provide investors with an opportunity to invest in investment grade and sub-investment grade bonds and loans originated from the corporate, infrastructure and real estate sectors. We access origination channels available through the broader FirstRand Group, and elsewhere in the market, to create uniquely diversified portfolios for our clients.

Global flex

Suited for investors seeking long-term capital growth through a balanced risk mandate across international asset classes. It offers investors long-term capital growth through a balanced mandate of global asset allocation, with access to emerging market growth opportunities. To achieve this, we invest across a broad range of asset classes including international equities, bonds, cash and property markets. Investments are made directly into these markets, and indirectly through participatory interests in other collective investment schemes.


Suitable for investors who require exposure to the equity market to achieve long-term capital growth. The investor should be able to tolerate investment volatility in the short to medium term. The investment objective is to achieve capital growth and deliver returns ahead of the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (Total Return) over the long term. In order to achieve the investment objective, we will typically be fully invested in financially sound South African listed ordinary shares.

Targeted return

It is suitable for investors seeking a conservatively managed balanced fund with stable-inflation beating returns. The primary objective is to beat South African Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) + 3.5% over a rolling three-year period. The investment process aims to achieve its mandate taking risk exposure into account and utilising diversified exposures, generating capital and income growth through a combination of actively managed assets and asset allocation decisions.

It combines exposure into many different liquid asset classes, including equities, vanilla bonds, inflation-linked bonds, corporate bonds (credit), property, preference shares and money market assets.