Multi asset

A range of diversified multi asset investment opportunities in global markets designed to generate inflation-beating to superior capital growth returns over a range of time horizons and risk profiles. 

This provides dynamic and flexible multi asset solutions which are responsive to changing global market conditions.

Global leaders

Our Global Leaders strategies place a concentrated focus on up to 25 of the world’s most prominent companies, household names and industry leaders that over time sustainably deliver above average total returns through the strength of their industry leadership and quality characteristics. 

This provides sustainably compounding performance from global equity markets over the economic cycle on a total return basis over a long-term investment horizon. 

Special emerging market investments

Chindia (China and India) equity

The objective is to achieve long-term capital growth through equity or equity related investments predominantly in the stock-markets of China and India. Primary focus is on the quality and attractiveness of individual companies rather than the outlook for markets. Investments are made in companies traded in other markets where a significant proportion of growth in their underlying business is set to derive from China or India.