Annual Global Perspectives Virtual Conference 2020

This year our annual Global Perspectives conference focused on the impact of COVID-19 on asset markets and the investment industry, current trends and the geopolitical environment and our global and local economic views, asset allocation and stock selection for 2020 and the future.

You can view the presentations by our investment professionals here.

Welcome and introduction 

Sizwe Nxedlana, Chief Executive Officer at Ashburton Investments

How will economies adjust to the post COVID-19 world?

Jarred Sullivan, Global Investment Strategist at Ashburton Investments

The presentation will unpack how the global environment will change in the future and what we should be prepared for going forward. The impact of lockdowns, fiscal and monetary policy support, and the shift to e-commerce are among some of the key topics that will be discussed.

Post COVID-19: Back to old and more familiar challenges 

Patrice Rassou, Chief Investment Officer at Ashburton Investments and John Loos, Property Strategist at FNB

The lockdown has likely sped up certain existing trends, such as the technology-driven long-term trend towards greater levels of remote working and online retail, with potentially huge impacts for office and retail property. For South Africa, arguably the key source of pressure on the already-correcting property market comes from good old-fashioned long term economic fundamentals, with South Africa looking particularly weak, and dragging the economy down into the economic super-cycle “stagnation phase”. Many in the property sector were too young to remember the last long term economic stagnation of the 80s/early-90s, but it is important to understand that it came with a significant property market correction, and the current one could likely do the same.


Picking winners in a post COVID-19 world

Dr James Cooke, Head of Global Equities Research at Ashburton Investments Jersey

Shares of quality compounders, purchased at reasonable prices, provide scope to provide better risk adjusted returns. What does “quality compounders” actually mean, what are the characteristics to look for, beneficial secular trends, and how might these have changed given recent events?


Global versus local bonds in a zero world

Albert Botha, Head of Fixed Income

Since the early 1900 our view of government debt, the role it plays and how it impacts global economies has continued to change. How do increased deficits and more debt affect our society and why does it seem so inconsistent?


Cash plus: has the listed corporate credit market re-priced?

Corneleo Keevy, Head of Credit at Ashburton Investments

Following the economic impact of the COVID-19 related lockdowns, questions remain regarding the extent to which the South African listed credit market has re-priced. This presentation explores the level to which listed credit re-priced and what is expected going forward.