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Past Videos:

05 June 2020

Flexible fixed income fund dynamics, present and future

An interactive discussion with Murray Anderson, MD Retail and Commercial, and Albert Botha, Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management, on the topic: Flexible fixed income fund dynamics, present and future.

The following points will be addressed:

• Past, present and future of flexible fixed income.
• A look at the past couple of years in this category and other popular fixed income categories.
• How did funds enter the crises and how have they performed?
• What is likely to be the future of this category.

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Albert Botha

Head: Fixed Income

Ashburton Investments

About the author

<p>Albert is of Head of Fixed Income at Ashburton Investments. He is responsible for managing the Fixed Income team as well as the Fixed Income Investment & Implementation processes for both the retail and institutional businesses. In his time at Ashburton Investments he has won two Raging Bulls for Fixed Income performance and has helped to grow the business’ AUM significantly. Albert has over 15 years of experience in the investment markets, working at both large integrated financial services companies as well as being a shareholder and executive director at an independent investment boutique.    </p>

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Murray Anderson

Previously Managing Director: Retail and Commercial

Ashburton Investments

About the author

<p>Murray Anderson is the Managing Director for our Retail Business and is responsible for the distribution and client engagement at Ashburton. Murray joined Ashburton Investments as a result of the acquisition of Atlantic Asset Management in 2016. Previously, he was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Atlantic. Prior to Atlantic he held a number of senior distribution and marketing positions at Cadiz African Harvest, Old Mutual Asset Managers as well as RMB Asset Management and has served the industry in on a number of committees of the Association for Savings and Investment of South Africa over the years. He holds a B.Com Financial Management degree as well as a graduate diploma from the IMM and is a Certified Financial Planner.</p>

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