Ashburton Investments Annual Institutional Conference

Welcome and introduction

Overview of the best investment opportunities to pursue in the current environment

Panel discussion

• Economic update – offshore and locally
• Macro view
• Market update

Moderator: Patrice Rassou, Chief Investment Officer at Ashburton Investments

Panelists: Etienne Le Roux, Chief Economist at RMB and Nico Els, Multi Asset Strategist at Ashburton Investments

Topic: Strategic asset allocation (SAA) through a systematic approach to investing


• Importance of SAA in portfolio construction
• Considerations when including passive and active components
• Incorporating systematic trading strategies to achieve desired outcomes


Chris Siriram, Head LDI & Structuring and Vicki Tagg, Head of Indexation at Ashburton Investments and Hannes du Plessis, Client Structurer at RMB

What is the use of fixed income in a zero rate world?


• How should a South African investor approach fixed income?
• How should fixed income be viewed in a portfolio context?
• What should the split between local and global fixed income be?
• What are viable alternative asset classes?

Speaker: Albert Botha, Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management at Ashburton Investments

Impact debt funding in a state of crisis


Topic: The role credit plays to assist in a COVID-19 impacted South Africa

• What are our capabilities to assist corporates impacted by COVID-19?
• How Impact investing can make a difference
• New opportunities in a recessionary environment

Speakers: Heather Jackson, Head of Impact Investing and Corneleo Keevy, Head of Credit Risk Management at Ashburton Investments

How is the industry approaching the impact of COVID-19 on retirements funds?

Live panel discussion and Q & A

Moderator: Rudigor Kleyn, MD: Corporate and Institutional at Ashburton Investments

Panelists: Fagmeedah Petersen-Cook, Independent Director, Janina Slawski, Head: Investment Consulting at Alexander Forbes and Patrice Rassou, Chief Investment Officer at Ashburton Investments