Ashburton Stable Income Fund

Providing high capital stability and predictable income distributions.

What is the fund objective?

The objective of the portfolio is to maximise the current level of income while providing high capital stability and predictable income distributions. The portfolio will aim to achieve performance returns in excess of money market and current account yields. The fund is ideal for the investor looking for safety, security and a little bit extra return from their low risk investments.

Why invest in this fund?

The Ashburton Stable Income fund was designed to provide investors with increased yield compared to Money Market funds, while at the same time retaining as many of its desirable qualities as possible. The fund invests in securities that have a stable payoff profile and historically this has allowed it to maintain its stability regardless of shocks or shifts in the economy or exchange rates. Liquidity and risk management are central to the process and this shows in the performance track record, with the fund having positive monthly performance for over 7 years. Over this same period it has also significantly outperformed both its benchmarks and money market funds.

The fund is appropriate for both short term parking of capital and long term conservative investing.

Philosophy and governance

Ashburton’s macro-thematic investment philosophy is focussed on identifying structural shifts and fundamental imbalances within markets, the economy and in broader society. This philosophy is a holistic approach to macro-thematic investing in that it places great emphasis on risk assessment, such that while solving for many of our greatest challenges, it identifies the best risk-adjusted returns across a range of investment opportunities.

ISIN ZAE000127759 Sedol Bloomberg
Currency South African rand Risk rating Low Domicile South Africa
Launch date 01/01/2009 Fund size 15.5200 bn Dealing Monthly
NAV 96.4800 cents Daily change 0.03% Price date 12/04/2021
Annualised performance since 2009: 3.1%

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