Our investment decisions consider a wide range of factors that may affect the risk and return profile of the investments we make, now and in the future. Our long-term success is not measured in investment performance alone, but also on the impact on society and the environment.

We recognise that responsible companies ought to have good governance processes, effective risk management and compliance functions and stakeholder engagement. They prepare for changes in their operating environment, from shifts in public opinion to the challenges of resource scarcity and the impact of climate change.

Incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into our investment and ownership decisions supports the pursuit of superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Ashburton Investments is a participant in the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa’s Responsible Investing sub-committee and fully endorse the Codes for Responsible Investing South Africa. We are a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).



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Ashburton Responsible Investment Policy

Ashburton Proxy Voting Policy

FirstRand Conflict of Interest Policy

Ashburton Responsible Investment Progress Report

FirstRand 2019 report to society



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June 2021 proxy voting report

March 2021 proxy voting report

December 2020 proxy voting report

September 2020 proxy voting report

June 2020 proxy voting report

March 2020 proxy voting report

December 2019 proxy voting report

September 2019 proxy voting report

June 2019 proxy voting report

March 2019 proxy voting report

December 2018 proxy voting report

September 2018 proxy voting report

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