Money Market

What is the fund objective?

The fund seeks to achieve an investment medium for unit holders which has as its primary objective to provide superior money market returns and current income as is consistent with liquidity and capital preservation. The fund feeds into the Pointbreak Cash Investment Fund, which invests with the four major banking groups in Namibia and other similar rated institutions in South Africa. Securities to be included in the portfolio consist of money market instruments, participatory interests in unit trust schemes, bank call and fixed deposits, fixed income securities embracing approved securities, government bills and bonds, quality commercial paper and repurchase agreements.

What is the investment process?

Pointbreak's money market investment philosophy is one of capital preservation while offering a competitive return. Following a team rather than an individual portfolio manager approach, the Pointbreak Money Market Investment Committee collectively offers more than 80 years of financial services and investment experience. Both the Pointbreak Money Market Unit Trust and the Pointbreak Institutional Money Fund provide one day liquidity to its investors, including corporates, parastatals, private investors and pension funds.

Why invest in in this fund?

The Pointbreak Money Market Fund is suitable for investors seeking a low risk investment that maximises income. It offers a high income yield, capital stability and good liquidity

The team

Money market