• Our distinctive investment approach enables us to build an investment portfolio that puts our clients first.

  • We provide fund and portfolio management services to individuals and professional clients who are looking for solid and consistent performance.

  • We work on a case-by-case basis, structuring portfolios in line with market opportunities using the successful investment methodologies that have served Ashburton Investments for over 20 years.

  • We nurture wealth by providing solid investment returns following an uncomplicated, actively managed approach which is dynamic, robust and repeatable.

We can help

When clients choose us to manage their funds, they commission a highly experienced portfolio management team to take care of their investments. We place a strong emphasis on building a close working relationship with clients and their advisors to ensure that we can achieve a solution which best suits individual goals and aspirations.

Clients will have their own portfolio and access to our expertise through a diversified, global range of investments across various asset classes. The avoidance of loss within a disciplined risk-controlled framework is fundamental to the prudent management of client portfolios.

Our solutions

We offer a range of portfolio management services to meet clients’ needs. Our portfolios are structured with the goals of long term capital appreciation and income protection in mind. While targeting diversification and risk protection too.

Bespoke Personal Portfolio

This portfolio has been specifically developed for investors who require very personal wealth management within a disciplined, risk-controlled, investment management process. We aim to create a portfolio that suits our investors’ individual needs, appetite for investment risk and any personal preferences or restrictions.

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Equity Portfolio

This portfolio’s objective is to maximise returns to the investor over the medium to long-term through investing in FTSE/JSE listed shares. The portfolio’s returns are based on the ability of the All Share index to deliver returns above inflation and the ability of the fund manager to identify undervalued securities within the asset class. The portfolio will remain fully invested in local equities.

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To invest in a portfolio, please complete the relevant documentation below and return via email to portfoliosupport@ashburton.com.

*Not all products and services described in this document are available in all jurisdictions and some are available on a limited basis only due to local regulatory and legal requirements. The material contained herein is not intended for use by persons located in or resident in jurisdictions which restrict its distribution. Persons accessing this document are required to inform themselves about and observe any relevant restrictions.

How do I invest?

We offer portfolio solutions using direct investment, as well as market exposure via passive or funded alternatives. We can also apply limits to equity and/or bond exposures or exclude certain assets altogether.

Speak to your advisor or contact the Ashburton Portfolio Management team on telephone  011 282 8800 or email pm@ashburton.co.za.

Portfolio Management Services
Offshore Portfolio Management Services

We offer a number of offshore portfolio solutions for qualifying customers.

Speak to your advisor or contact the Ashburton Portfolio Management team on telephone  087 736 9495/9418 or email pm@ashburton.co.za.