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Are markets corona proof? 15 July 2020 Patrice Rassou

Global equities rallied close to 40% from March lows to post one of the strongest quarters in a decade. The rally was led by the United States (US), perversely the country with the most Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases globally, with healthcare and tech stocks up a combined 23%.

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SA fixed income quarterly insights 09 July 2020 Michael Grobler

As the second quarter of 2020 closed, global policymakers still found themselves in the throes of dealing with high or rising infection rates in many regions - facing a challenging task of gradual reopening of their economies in a post-lockdown paradigm. Governments have opted for fiscal support, running war-like deficits.

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Green bonds to achieve green shoots? 09 July 2020 Santhuri Thaver

As we grapple with the impacts of the current pandemic, we shouldn’t steer attention away from another critical and immediate challenge; climate change. Response to climate challenges is no longer the right thing to do but imperative in order to create a sustainable future.

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Flexible fixed income funds look attractive 24 June 2020 Albert Botha

In a falling interest rate environment flexible income funds are expected to provide investors with good returns over inflation compared to cash or money market funds over the next 12 to 24 months.

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Fears of inflation not yet a reality 22 June 2020 Arno Lawrenz

Central banks around the world are pumping money into their respective economies, sparking fears of soaring future inflation rates, but these fears are unfounded for now.

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Equities in a ‘sweet spot’, but keep an eye on valuations 12 June 2020 Arno Lawrenz

Global equities are to remain in a ‘sweet spot’ for the next six to twelve months at least as masses of central bank liquidity and a lack of a compelling investment case for other asset classes are likely to underpin stocks.