FUND FOCUS: The Ashburton SICAV - Global Growth Fund

Navigating investors through uncertain times with the Ashburton SICAV - Global Growth Fund


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has not only been unprecedented from a humanitarian perspective, but the volatility it has brought to global financial markets has been extraordinary. Lockdowns in early 2020 saw expectations for economic growth plunge to levels not seen for almost a century. Unsurprisingly, this was met with a 33% plunge in the FTSE All World TR USD Index in March 2020. The response from global fiscal and monetary authorities was equally as unprecedented, resulting in global equity markets displaying a “V-shaped” recovery to all-time highs.

The top-down, macro-economic and tactical nature of the Ashburton SICAV - Global Growth Fund has helped investors allocate their capital through these stormy market conditions by maximising returns and preserving their capital by limiting drawdowns relative to the peer group*.

The fund has continued to outperform** its peer group, returning 10.8% versus its peer group of 9.3% as at 31 July 2021. Over a longer time period of three years, which includes the aforementioned drawdowns of 2020, the fund registered an
annualised return of 8.8% versus its peer group of 8.6%. Importantly, this was achieved with a notably lower level of risk as displayed by the lower maximum drawdown (-22.4%) relative to the peer group (-25.5%).
The Ashburton SICAV - Global Growth Fund is a moderate to high- risk fund that aims to maximise total return over the long-term through a flexible asset allocation across a diversified range of global asset classes, regions, and currencies, without exceeding a maximum equity exposure of 75%.


31 July 2021 
Source: Morningstar

*Peer group: EAA Fund USD Aggressive Allocation.
**Performance is for the Global Growth USD Institutional share class.

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